Apr 5, 2012

SD Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Navin!

Hello! :3

Today’s post is long overdue (hehe). If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that:

a.    I have a lot of unfinished business; and
b.    I’m going through my old sketchbooks.

Both of these are, unfortunately, still true to this day.

I usually make rough sketches in my sketchbook and go over them if I have the time, and improve on them. If you ever look through my sketchbooks, you’ll notice two things.

I use both pencils and pens for my drawings. If it’s in pencil form, it’s still unfinished. If it’s in pen form, it’s completed. But you won’t ever see the original sketch once it is in pen form; I will redo the penciling and ink it right after that.

I will erase the pencil sketch before I scan it into my computer. Any mistakes I made prior to the scan will be magically corrected with the god-like powers of Adobe Photoshop.*

Last year, Navin was curious how I would portray him in an artwork when I’d never met him before. I made a couple of sketches (and by a couple I meant 6 sketched) and only finished one.

For a time, it was his Facebook profile picture. I told him that I see him as someone who is serious and honest to a fault.

Look at that picture! He really does look serious, doesn’t he? :D

But I mentioned earlier that I did six sketches of him. Well, three of them were really cute. And the cute ones are what I want to show you today.

An SD Gundam version of Navin. (I'm not really an otaku per se, but I do know a thing about anime. :D)

Why? Well, Ganaesh told me that he once talked about Gundams with Navin, and remarked that “Navin really knows his Gundams woo!”

So there you go.
Yes, I realize that I REALLY need to practice drawing mechas. XD

It took me a long time, but I’ll get to them sooner or later. *flips through sketchbook* There are so many more sketches waiting to be inked. So many more sketches that I want to show you.

Maybe one day I’ll actually get to meet Navin for real and see for myself how serious he really is ;)

P.S: For those curious, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Any other version will freeze or completely hang my computer. Yes, it’s that OLD.


Aujinz said...

Photoshop CS3 is better .. I'm using PS7..which is quite...

....Ancient!!! hahahahha

Oridusartic said...

The Gundam version is cute! Btw I'm still using Photoshop CS3 too. Don't really bother to upgrade too since the installment takes a looooong time.

Cherane said...

I *drool* over the new Ps. It looks sooo shiny :D

*nyafist Oridusartic* My CS3 friend~~ :D