Mar 27, 2012

Clare's Request!

I don’t do this often. No no no, I’ve NEVER done this before for other people.

I mean, I do this often for my blog but it's not the same as this! >.<

Okay, okay, back it up a bit.

Clare is a princess from a magical place far far away called Uganda. She is, what us Malaysians would say, my adik angkat. :3

A few months ago she requested something of me, something she had the utmost confidence that I would be able to do for her.  I love her to bits, but maybe this one job would be something I won’t be able to accomplish: a banner for her online boutique.

How? What?

She wanted... sort of… a mascot for her blog. Something cute. On a lark, I made a sketch of her fabulously sprawled on the bed...
...and she liked it enough to give me the green light to keep working on that picture. The colour was to be… golden.

I had absolutely no confidence that I’d actually be able to finish it on time. Really.

But Clare had the utmost confidence that I could do it. That confidence was as hard as a rock, so who am I to prove her wrong? She is as stubborn as her nii-chan (elder brother... but that’s another story). Pretty soon, I stopped with the excuses and just did the very best that I could, considering I’m still not that good with Photoshop yet.

Finally I came up with this.

I wanted to jump for joy when she told me that she loved it. :D Even better? It was the one thing that made her week. Awwww…

Head on over to Clare’s online boutique for some wonderful and chic selections of clothes and accessories. Don’t worry, she won’t bite ;) I heard she ships her stuff worldwide, too.

Don’t forget to compliment her new banner, too! *ahem* :D



Aujinz said...

wow, nice one Cherane

Norazlin Nordin said...

woa, you coloured it well dear~

Cherane said...

Thank you thank you!!!

*peluks* Hehehe

ash said...

:D her models are real life and her clothes are so pretty!

cherane drew her nicely!