Mar 27, 2012

Clare's Request!

I don’t do this often. No no no, I’ve NEVER done this before for other people.

I mean, I do this often for my blog but it's not the same as this! >.<

Okay, okay, back it up a bit.

Clare is a princess from a magical place far far away called Uganda. She is, what us Malaysians would say, my adik angkat. :3

A few months ago she requested something of me, something she had the utmost confidence that I would be able to do for her.  I love her to bits, but maybe this one job would be something I won’t be able to accomplish: a banner for her online boutique.

How? What?

She wanted... sort of… a mascot for her blog. Something cute. On a lark, I made a sketch of her fabulously sprawled on the bed...
...and she liked it enough to give me the green light to keep working on that picture. The colour was to be… golden.

I had absolutely no confidence that I’d actually be able to finish it on time. Really.

But Clare had the utmost confidence that I could do it. That confidence was as hard as a rock, so who am I to prove her wrong? She is as stubborn as her nii-chan (elder brother... but that’s another story). Pretty soon, I stopped with the excuses and just did the very best that I could, considering I’m still not that good with Photoshop yet.

Finally I came up with this.

I wanted to jump for joy when she told me that she loved it. :D Even better? It was the one thing that made her week. Awwww…

Head on over to Clare’s online boutique for some wonderful and chic selections of clothes and accessories. Don’t worry, she won’t bite ;) I heard she ships her stuff worldwide, too.

Don’t forget to compliment her new banner, too! *ahem* :D


Mar 20, 2012

Where Do My Ideas Come From?

Some of you might be curious where my ideas come from. (Got la, one or two, right? :D)

Maybe some of you have this image in your head where I am drawing somewhere while sipping tea (or any other tasty beverage) and listening to sounds of nature or soft instrumental music. A note will trigger an idea and I’d softly giggle at how clever the idea is.

What am I, a hipster? :P

No my friends, it is nowhere near that elegant (or sparkly).

More often than not, an idea strikes me at the most inopportune of time.

While I’m “downloading” in the loo.
While I’m taking a shower.
While I’m standing in a crowded bus.

While I’m washing the dogs.
While I’m squeezing pimples.
While I’m digging for “gold”. (korek korek korek)

Basically, it comes when I cannot properly sit down and write or draw them down.

Ah, but that is not the real challenge. The real challenge is how long I can retain that idea and actually put it down on paper and make it happen. This is on a good day.

On a bad day, no matter how long I sit on the "throne," no matter how much "gold" I dig or how long the showers take, the ideas wouldn't come. This is what people usually refer to as writer’s block, or in this case artist’s block. In other words, I’m mucked.

But I’m thankful for the ideas that do pop up in my head. I find it funny, and lucky for me other people find it funny too. :)

It doesn’t really matter where or when you get your ideas. Look at Archimedes, Newton and even Buddha. Archimedes had his great idea while having his bath, Newton sat under a tree and had a fruit hit his head, and Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting under a tree!

Ideas are like little precious jewels, and in the right hands they become wonderful treasures. If you have an idea to make your life or other’s better (or even an idea to just enjoy yourself) go for it. Just do it. Make it happen. Who knows how it will affect your life and others.

Here’s to good ideas! *cheers* :D

Mar 16, 2012

A Mini Makeover!

A friend of mine has a way of measuring hair length on girls.
    a. Chin length
    b. Shoulder length
    c. Passed the bra line

Mine was at length (b), but not quite at length (c). But the thing with long hair is that they get tangled easily, prone to split ends, heavy, and (if you’re like me) you keep jerking your own head by reflex for leaning on your hair.

I also had no style with long hair. Absolutely none. It’s either ponytail or bun, ponytail or bun.


When the weather gets particularly humid, my hair lays flat. If the weather gets too hot and dry, I sweat a lot and my hair gets sticky. To feel more comfortable, I tie it into… a bun!

The worst thing is when it falls. Hair is very societal; they never fall alone. They bring friends and relatives and their aunts to the “party” all the time. I feel like I’m losing my hair!

So I finally decided to take the plunge and get a haircut. The hairdresser asked, “How would you like it?” He gave me some suggestions and I finally settled on “Styled.” (Told you I’m really bad at this hair thing! >.<)

I think he felt that it was such a waste for me to decide to cut my hair because he kept asking for reassurance that I really wanted to have it cut. :3

He chopped off half the length of my hair and gave me sort of a bob. With all that weight gone, my head feels so much lighter and I don’t look like a girl who lacks imagination when it comes to hairstyles anymore! (Yay for small victories! \o/)

It feels great in this hot weather!

Did you have a mini makeover of your own? Or are you thinking of having one? A subtle change can do you a world of good. Go ahead and try it!

Have fun! :3

P.S: Even Ganaesh had a hair cut. His is cut so short you could see his scalp! XD

Mar 14, 2012

Dance, Cherane, Dance!

This post...requires no words. But you do need music. Clicky here for the Can Can Song! Enjoy! :D

Thank you! :D