Apr 17, 2012

That Time of the Week: An Ode To Laundry!

It's that time of the week again...
...time to do your laundry!

For some, it's the worst chore to do around the house. Probably because you have to handle other's pieces of clothing with suspect stains and/or smell... I've put that image in your head already huh?

But if you live alone, how do you know it's time to get the laundry done without your parents to yell, I mean remind you?

Ish okay, I've got you covered! *nyafist*

Launderettes will charge you by the kilogram and the type of wash. You'll be given a receipt that tells you the date for you to pick up your clothes and cough up the money. Whether washed properly or not, that ketchup stain of '99 is NEVER coming out, no sir.

Hey, at least you have synthetic fragrance all over your clothes, right? XD

Or maybe you decide to rough it out and wash your clothes by hand? I bet I can guess what you'll end up doing: dump the clothes in a bucket of soapy water, leave it overnight, step on it like you're squashing grapes to make wine, and rinse them all with water. The method is crude but  kinda sorta effective.

No ar?
Just me ar?

Or maaaaybe you're one of the lucky ones, blessed with the presence of a washing machine in the house. :3

You are doubly blessed if your washing machine happens to have one of those "fuzzy logic" thingies. They will help you clean your clothes with the touch of a few squishy buttons, so you won't have to manually release the water and  transfer your clothes to the spin section.

My washing machine has it's own kind of logic, and it's not the fuzzy kind. Depending on it's mood it will either spin-dry vigorously or spin-dry like we were having a blackout.

Yes, I have a tsundere washing machine. D:

Laundry day at my house is a pretty straightforward occasion...
...except for last month.

T_T Fefanie... why???

The bra was never the same again.
Now it goes to a special counseling group of traumatized bras.

May you always separate whites from colours,
May you always find your socks in pairs,
May you always remove the contents of the pockets,
and may you always find money in there.


P.S: Oh hey, its Fefanie's second appearance in my blog! :D Dogs are much more difficult to draw than cats. =w=;;


Bee said...

Hahaah, you're so funny!! :D

Ras said...

XDD hahaha