Oct 28, 2011

My Word, My Card!

Remember this post? Well, guess what? I colored them!

As promised here's the finished product. (lol)

These two are just the backgrounds on either sides of the card.

Now, its Ganaesh's turn to put in the words and information (because I suck at typography and all that stuff heh).

Oh, here's an idea I had, but I'm still not very satisfied with it still. Here, have a look.

Haha, it's the first time I used CorelDraw to draw that speech bubble.

The information here is not correct. I still haven't done my Facebook page, and that's not my Twitter username. :3
Whatcha think? :3

Anyway, I don't want this namecard to be just a name card. I plan to use it as a gift card and "thank you" card. After that it can continue its life as a bookmark. And maybe, just maybe, travel all over the world (something that I can't afford to do just yet). That's why I want it to be very fun and alive.

I don't know if I've achieved that with this design, but I do love how it's turned out at this stage.

Now, fingers crossed and let's wait for Ganaesh to work his magic on this. X3

Oct 25, 2011

On... the... EDGE!!!

I can't wait for the semester to finish. 

I can't wait to resume ALL the sketches, the half-done inking, the coloring, the sewing projects, the craft projects, the blogs I wanted to upload, the pictures I want to take...

I want...I want...I WANT TO DO THINGS!!! I am TIRED of marking papers! Doing reports! Translations!!! 


*a-huh a-huh*

So, yah. :3

Oct 20, 2011


Hi, today Bulu (yes, the cat on the banner has a name :3) decided to help a friend. Bulu and Wally went to school together. Hahaha
But seriously, Wally is a mascot/logo for Borneo Geographic and a species of frogs called Wallace's Flying Frog. 
Borneo Geographic is now looking for writers for their new magazine. :3 If you're interested or would like to know more, you can do so by emailing Collin D'Owill at or pokepoke him at his FB.
Hurry! The offer lasts till tomorrow (21st October 2011) stands until December! XD

(This was done using pen on paper and Bulu did the coloring XD)

Oct 12, 2011

Munya Munya Challenge!

This is my challenge...

I challenge you to look at the picture below and DON'T SING THE THEME SONG!

If you didn't, then it can only mean one of two things: you're NOT a child of the 80s, or you don't know the song.
/singing to self/

Synergy, its SHOWTIME!

Oct 11, 2011

My Name Is Rain. CHErain.

I'm still getting used to Blogger's new layout. Its very... stylish. There's this one part in the new layout that gets me excited: the stats page. It says here I have.... holy crap, 435 pageviews last month! XD But... macam tipu saja ni.

Also it says I have the most pageviews from north America! What the... spam-bots?!

True or not, I am very happy over this. :D Especially for my frequent readers/fans. XD *perasan popular*

I haven't been updating as frequently as I want to because, like the fail-whale that I am, I managed to get my Internet barred. (Yes, I paid the bills... and yes, I'm now waiting for the unbarring.) What I am using now is the weefee (wi-fi) in the ICT office where I work. Its full of men... with computers...

...anyway, I may have mentioned/nagged previously about getting my own namecard. It's been bugging me a lot lately, because I can't figure out what it should look like. Not the lecturer's namecard, I'll just make something simple for that. But the drawing side of me.. now THAT would take something more different. And this is what I came up with.

This is the back of the card...

...and this is the front of the card!

What do you think? I haven't had time to colour any of them yet. Thus, the reason for all the black and white drawings lately. The finals will be on October 31st, so us lecturers need to get ready for that. And by 'get ready', I mean whipping preparing the students.

Have a lovely week everyone, and thanks for dropping by! :)

Oct 10, 2011

The Loooooong Sigh.

I was playing around with panels, and... this is Ganaesh when he does something he isn't supposed to. :3 *patpats Ganaesh* :D

... and I somehow managed to rub off the dots for the "I"s. Now it reads "alllyoooo" instead of "aiiiiiyooooo"! *facepalm*