Sep 14, 2011

Ganaesh's New Girl: Anna!

This is Ganaesh. He usually look like this. Quite a serious looking chap, isn't he? 

Well there aren't that many things that can rattle his serious demeanour. Which is why I take much enjoyment in making him tick :3. Besides yours truly, he gets excited about all things anime, movies, games (a regular ota-geek) and of course... gadgets!

Namely, his phone. As you can see, he loves his N8 and its quite adorable to see him fondling that thing. The things he does with that phone... XD

Anyway! A few months back, the phone got sick or something. Had to spend quite some time in the Nokia service centre. And even after that, they told him that it would never be the same, the poor thing. It's quite a pity because the phone can do some pretty impressive stuff. All seemed bleak when some good news came.

One word: Anna.

Now, Anna is the name of his current obsession. LOL! More specifically, a new firmware update for his phone. I hear it's fast and spiffy. Can't wait to see it for myself. :)

I hope your phone is fine now, by.

P.S: Belle is the second firmware update. That's coming soon. Ho boy.