Sep 15, 2011

Arrrr, Come Ride On Me Bus!

One thing about Kota Kinabalu is the fact that the bus system is efficient. Though the quality is terrible, there's ALWAYS a bus. It's easier to go into KK than it is to travel out of KK.

I, myself, don't have a car. So the bus is my only viable option to travel to and from work (excluding my brother's kindness of sending me to work). Now, going in and out of KK is easy, it's heading into the kampung (village) areas that's tricky. For that, we need the pirate van.

A pirate van is a privately-owned van that may or may not be under a union. It's something like a teksi sapu. These pirate vans will wait at a designated place for passengers. Once the bus is full, it will move. The waiting time could be from as short as 5 minutes to as long as 2 hours, depending on the time of day. As it's a van, it is really small and sometimes the driver will let 4 people sit on a 3-seater. Woe to those big-bodied people. This is the occasion where I feel extra-wide :(

It's worse in the evening, because by then all the mosquitoes come out and feast on the passengers. And I hate mosquitoes with a passion (because of a certain dengue incident). D:

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