Sep 15, 2011

Scaredy Cat, and A Night of Superstitions

A few months back I had one of those sleepless night everyone has. When I couldn't sleep, I would read. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So that particular night was very quiet. Any sound will carry into my room. Around midnight, I heard the dunsai.

If you're a Kadazan, the dunsai is not a sound you're likely to forget once you heard it. Its so eerie that it sends shivers up and down your back and its only played with 3 gongs, using only one note. *shivers* Its the sound that tells you that somewhere out there, someone has passed away.

Then I heard dogs barking. Very near to my house. Seems like the dogs bark from far up the street and come down my street. I remember that dogs can see the spirit world. There's even one saying that if you put tahi mata anjing on your eyes, you can see that world, too. And the sound of the dogs barking was like there was someone walking down the street.

By this time I was trying to calm myself. The worst was yet to come; the banging on the door! Not only did it sound like somebody was banging the door with their fist, it sounded like they used both fists too! It felt like they were banging on my front door!

Suffice to say it was a looong night for me. The sounds didn't stop after that. It just kept on going and going. It was a weird and scary night for me, aitelyu! D: Thankfully there was Gtalk, and Ganaesh and Patrick told me that I'll be fine.

P.S: What's tahi mata in English, anyway?


InkFlow said...

eye poop? hahahaha


Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Eye gunk or eye wax?

Naoko said...

To be politically correct: eye matter. :3