Aug 17, 2011

Giving Twitter some love

Haven't been updating since my dad got admitted in the hospital. But now that he's out (though not yet about) I can give some love to my sadly neglected
  • blog
  • sketchbook
  • ink pens (which reminds me, I need some new one. A few is missing and one dried up)
  • boyfriend (heh)
Now, I'm slowly going through my sketchbooks and trying to finish what I've started a few months ago. I've done a few and one of them is an idea for a twitter back ground. :) I made two! They're all colored and very lulz looking too!
Side note: I know not many people use Twitter now but what the hey. And by not using Twitter, I meant not using the actual site. I, myself, am using Destroy Twitter.
Anyway the inspiration of these backgrounds is this:
Lookee its fail whale!

  Are you ready? Yeah?
Here's the first one...
Just like fail whale, some bird is picking me up. Does that mean that Twitter is down? Nooooo. It just means I'm up ;) So if you visit my Twitter page, you'll see this PLUS some lulz words provided by my..Ganaesh. Hehehe
Okay the the second pic is kinda my favourite between the two. I give you....
Cherane: Rider of the Fail Whale!
Bwahahahaha! *wipe laughter tears away*
I can't help it. Every time I see this pic it makes me laugh.
Well that's it from me this time. I hope you enjoyed it.


Ahmad said...

i prefer the ones where the bird is picking u up.. heheh somel! :P

Unknown said...

Ya? XD dah jadi background Twitter dah.

Naoko said...

This is cute, and welcome back!

Cherane the Whale Rider! :D

Unknown said...

XD Sankyuu!!