Sep 26, 2013

Batman The Dog

Hi everyone! How's tricks?

Recently, my brother brought home a puppy. A two-month-old puppy that we decided to call Batman.

Why Batman? Because:

1. He doesn't have parents; and
2. Nobody suspects he's Batman.

It's perfect!

Everytime he cries or whines, I always say "Batman, don't cry." You know what he does then?
Yeap, he keeps on crying.

Other than that, he's a quiet puppy. He was almost named Drools because he couldn't stop drooling when we were bringing him back. (Hyper-drooling ekekekeke!)

Then he vomited.
In the car. XO

Apparently Batman gets car-sick.

He is brave against cats, too... because the cats ignore him. (Some gangster cats hang around our house.) And he's a polite puppy, because he knows to use the bathroom.

Because his first owner was Chinese, the three of us were wondering how to communicate with him. Our best attempt was, "Ko Lai" (come here), and Batman just... stared at us. So that didn't work. XD

Anyway, I thought it'd be nice if I drew some puppy comics this time (I rarely draw dogs because they're much harder to draw than cats). Here's some initial designs of Batman... and a smartphone wallpaper for you! I haven't gotten the design right yet, but I'm going to do my best!

I'm thinking of naming the comic Batman The Dog, but its not very good eh? What do you think? (I think BatDog would be a better choice! -Ed.)

Oh by the way, Batman is a short-haired brown dog.

His lineage is a pure-bred mutt. Awesome, huh? He's has an awesome derpy face too. Hahaha!


ms.bulat said...

Hahahaha I just wanna read comics! It's ok either name!

Aedy said...

We shall name it ...(cue music)... BAT-A'-MUNYA-DOG... simply because he's part of munya clan from now on muahahaha;p okay, seriously, I've no idea...

Aujinz said...

hahahhaha.. perfect disguise... BatDog is okaylah..

Ahmad 'tumbukrusuk' Justin said...

ah dah lama tak check blog ni....

nanananana nanananana nanananana nanananana BATDOOOOGGG!!!