Mar 20, 2012

Where Do My Ideas Come From?

Some of you might be curious where my ideas come from. (Got la, one or two, right? :D)

Maybe some of you have this image in your head where I am drawing somewhere while sipping tea (or any other tasty beverage) and listening to sounds of nature or soft instrumental music. A note will trigger an idea and I’d softly giggle at how clever the idea is.

What am I, a hipster? :P

No my friends, it is nowhere near that elegant (or sparkly).

More often than not, an idea strikes me at the most inopportune of time.

While I’m “downloading” in the loo.
While I’m taking a shower.
While I’m standing in a crowded bus.

While I’m washing the dogs.
While I’m squeezing pimples.
While I’m digging for “gold”. (korek korek korek)

Basically, it comes when I cannot properly sit down and write or draw them down.

Ah, but that is not the real challenge. The real challenge is how long I can retain that idea and actually put it down on paper and make it happen. This is on a good day.

On a bad day, no matter how long I sit on the "throne," no matter how much "gold" I dig or how long the showers take, the ideas wouldn't come. This is what people usually refer to as writer’s block, or in this case artist’s block. In other words, I’m mucked.

But I’m thankful for the ideas that do pop up in my head. I find it funny, and lucky for me other people find it funny too. :)

It doesn’t really matter where or when you get your ideas. Look at Archimedes, Newton and even Buddha. Archimedes had his great idea while having his bath, Newton sat under a tree and had a fruit hit his head, and Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting under a tree!

Ideas are like little precious jewels, and in the right hands they become wonderful treasures. If you have an idea to make your life or other’s better (or even an idea to just enjoy yourself) go for it. Just do it. Make it happen. Who knows how it will affect your life and others.

Here’s to good ideas! *cheers* :D


Norazlin Nordin said...

haha, same goes to me, i can get great ideas to jot it down on paper, but it can't last long~

Oridusartic said...

LOL true story! Me too. I can never be elegant when squeezing ideas.

Cheers to good ideas. xD

Cherane said...

XD Hahaha but I do imagine other artists having great ideas while they are doing something elegant.