Nov 4, 2011

Come, Join the Creative Revolution!

It's time.
It's time, my friends.
It's time, to unleash our creativity.

Have you ever heard of the 11 Eleven Project?

It's a worldwide creativity explosion which starts on that there date up there. You can write, take photos, make movies, or make music. You might need a theme, yes? Well this here, down here, are the 11 suggested topics to talk about. The best part? Its up to your interpretation.

Go register yourselves there in the site. Let's make our mark.

Get ready, friends! The countdown is on! I'm doing... something! I have no idea what I'm doing just yet, but I'm doing something! Come, let's do something together! :3

1 comment:

Naoko said...

Nyaaan! You do realise I'm already doing Nanowrimo, which is like writing 50k worth of words in a month right? :P So already invested in something like this ahaha!