Oct 28, 2011

My Word, My Card!

Remember this post? Well, guess what? I colored them!

As promised here's the finished product. (lol)

These two are just the backgrounds on either sides of the card.

Now, its Ganaesh's turn to put in the words and information (because I suck at typography and all that stuff heh).

Oh, here's an idea I had, but I'm still not very satisfied with it still. Here, have a look.

Haha, it's the first time I used CorelDraw to draw that speech bubble.

The information here is not correct. I still haven't done my Facebook page, and that's not my Twitter username. :3
Whatcha think? :3

Anyway, I don't want this namecard to be just a name card. I plan to use it as a gift card and "thank you" card. After that it can continue its life as a bookmark. And maybe, just maybe, travel all over the world (something that I can't afford to do just yet). That's why I want it to be very fun and alive.

I don't know if I've achieved that with this design, but I do love how it's turned out at this stage.

Now, fingers crossed and let's wait for Ganaesh to work his magic on this. X3


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Thank you, munyamunya!XD when its done, I'll be giving it out hehehe

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