Nov 4, 2011


Hello everyone! This took longer than I expected. You might have to wait a bit longer for the pictures to load because there's 17, yeah count 'em, seventeen pics for this post. XD The coloring is very basic though, but I had fun doing it.

This is the first SUPER-BUMPER-DEEPAVALI-SPECIAL episode!
Are you ready?

On Deepavali, I didn't go to any open house. Instead, I spent the time with friends. :D

I woke up and wished Ganaesh a Happy Deepavali and got ready for the first item of the day - Hiking! My colleagues, Haziq and Rosina, picked me up at home and the three of us went to Taman Tun Fuad in Bukit Padang.

Tracy Dukes mentions this place in her blog. Do check it out as she has better pics of the place than I do. (I forgot to bring my camera hahaha)

Haziq and Ros have been here before and they became my guide. Though Ros was more a mountain goat than guide, she has the stamina of one! We started climbing at 9.30 a.m. (which is actually a bad idea unless you're wearing sunblock lotion XD) The day was hot, bright and clear. In short, a wonderful day.

Note: Its supposed to be "Mysterious rocks". Somebody (or something) left the pile of rocks beside a path we took. It was perfectly balanced. It's mysterious because we don't know what it is for.

P.S: No, they're not dating XD

And despite the heat and the complaining about the stairs (yeah, it was too many XD) I'd still go and climb that hill again. Provided I have friends going up there. I'd hate to think what will happen to me if I go at it alone.

After the climb, I had another 'appointment' with another group of friends. Specifically, I was going to meet "La Familia", my high school mates. :D So, Haziq was quite concerned that my clothes was dirty and me going to meet my friends looking like I just climbed a hill (which I did). This was what happened:

Yeah... My clean pair of pants was torn. TWICE. AT TWO DIFFERENT PLACES. So, I had to change to the other, dirtier, one.

*sigh* I'm gaining weight again...

(BTW, for new readers, an alllyooo moment refers to this.)

I changed pants in the car. The both of them didn't even notice it until I told them. lol! I used a towel to change. They dropped me off at Karamunsing Complex  because that's where we all decided to meet up, specifically at Karamunsing's KK Box.

Talking about my towel.....

(For the curious, this is the song I'm singing.)

And then suddenly, out of nowhere!

Hahaha! They really are annoyed with that towel.

I had that towel just in case I tumble down the hill and get myself dirty.If I did, I would need the towel to take a bath. I didn't fall but I did sweat like crazy. Its fine but the karaoke place was so cold, I couldn't stand it. Same thing at the Yoyo cafe, it was raining, I couldn't stand the cold. (Yes, despite the fact that I'm fat) I had no jacket, so I had to make do with the towel to keep myself warm. :D Don't worry, I don't usually go out with my towel as a shawl.

Anyway, that day Ez, Fion, Vane, Jes, Rina and Dy came. We karaoke-ed our lungs out (okay, I karaoke-ed MY lungs out) and then we went to Lintas's Yoyo Cafe for a heart to heart talk and general updating on what's been happening in our lives. It was something very meaningful and personal, the details of which I cannot disclose here. But, it made me realize and re-affirm the fact that I have wonderful, wonderful friends.We finally stopped talking at 7 pm. and Ez sent me home after that. I look forward to our next meet up. Heee!

So there you go, a whole day of activity. Which is rare for me.

Before I go, I'd just like to wish everyone a (belated) Happy Deepavali and a happy holiday (there's one coming up: Raya Korban/Haji).

I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha.. I love the way how you're able to illustrate the stories of your life like that :)


Jacquelyn Ho said...


Good one cherane! :D Love your post (lengthy ones esp ;p)

brashella said...

true story yang macam kartun hehehe... i loike ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel like i am reading graphic novel.Great illustrations and awesome storyline! -dayana-

Aujinz said...

Hahahhaa... I like that towel part...

Ernest Ng said...

so cute la ur drawings!!!


Unknown said...

Hahaha Its always good to know that you guys enjoyed the post, thank you thank you thank you!!
If got chance, we go karaoke XD towels allowed~