Oct 20, 2011


Hi, today Bulu (yes, the cat on the banner has a name :3) decided to help a friend. Bulu and Wally went to school together. Hahaha
But seriously, Wally is a mascot/logo for Borneo Geographic and a species of frogs called Wallace's Flying Frog. 
Borneo Geographic is now looking for writers for their new magazine. :3 If you're interested or would like to know more, you can do so by emailing Collin D'Owill at or pokepoke him at his FB.
Hurry! The offer lasts till tomorrow (21st October 2011) stands until December! XD

(This was done using pen on paper and Bulu did the coloring XD)

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dloq said...

it's like the name of History Strongest Disciple Kenichi's Miu's name while she was at Indonesia, Bulu Indah. Wakaka.