Feb 6, 2011

My Chinese New Year! (and other related stuff...)

Me: Been coughing the whole night.
Beby: Apa jenis ni batuk?
M:.... yang jenis ada sikit manis sama masam sikit.
B: That's not what I meant! I know a lot of batuk ( me: what? ) yang kering, yang phlegmy...
M: *mumbles* Manada orang cakap apa jenis ni batuk *mumbles*
B: Beby...
M: Its the type that if I don't cough, I feel like I want to vomit.
That was a real conversation I had earlier today, and it goes on much longer than that.
My Chinese New Year was/is (?) spent coughing and cleaning (well, at least not on the first day) and staying in bed.
So, no ang pow for me this year :( buu...
I also don't feel well enough to go to my friend's sister's wedding. :( Double buuu...
With that much disappointment, I felt at least I could do something that can cheer me up and maybe cheer others too.
So, I colored and I sketched and I inked and I scanned. :)

The first pic is actually 'commissioned' by my brother last year (December) because he was making a theme song of his boy and him.
Oh, did I mention that his boy is actually our dog Julian. He prefers Julian over Fefanie, our other dog and yes, there IS a theme song. :)

Now, I'm trying to finish coloring most of my sketches before I do new ones. (I have more sketches than I have colored ones) So, the next sketches to be colored will be sketches of Munirah. The skin is fine and colored, but I'm having problems with the background. Suggestions are welcome, since I'm not sure what her interests are.

Remember, I mentioned that I was in KL for two days and one of those days I had a yumcha session with Ganaesh's friends and Ibanez? Well, I finally sketched and inked them!
Yay! |o/

...that's the good news.
The bad news is I made about three of them and I can't decide which one to use.
Here they are.

The first one doesn't count, its obviously where the idea comes from. :p

Okay! Help me choose between these two:

The one that is picked will be used in the next post about that night. :3


Chris said...

Heya! Nice you meet you!!! Really cute picture!!!! Wooo~~~

Ganaesh said...

I'm going with second one. Why? Mogi's face. Oh, YESSSS.

cereal87 said...

Imma feeding this.
I like the apek in the last pic.

Naoko said...

Oh the first pic, definitely!

MogiYgJahat said...

I approve this picture (either one) :D

ibanez said...

LOL. Good one, Pabs!

Now faster do a full fledge comic! XD