Feb 12, 2011

Been A Long Week!

Well hello again, beautiful.

Nothing fancy to show you today. Just want to write up something about the past week. And it won't be in chronological order too so if you want to skip this, it would save you from a lot of headaches.

In the words of @NeilHimself, "CAUTION: Contains me" and some drama. Just a bit.

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Where to start, where to start.

So many things have happened in the past week that I'm feeling overwhelmed.


Well for starters, the new semester has started.

I received the timetable and got a 21-hours-per-week workload. Which is not so bad, with four subjects and five different groups. I love meeting new kids and getting to know them. Three of those groups are my old students now in their second or third semester with me. The other two groups are fresh faced Semester 1 students. I haven't given them any diagnostic tests, yet. Maybe next week.

But, my experience is that, the timetable is sure to change as I heard there have been class clashes with the other lecturers already. Even my own timetable is incomplete. Already one class is missing, without any lecturer. Most probably that class will be combined with one of the groups I currently have. Let's see how that goes.

I'm still having problems coming early to class this semester. I had high hopes that this will change this year, but...


Its official: my brother is confirmed to be suffering from tuberculosis (TB). (Yes, the one that we dryly studied in science class.) And he's the second one to get it after my second brother.

Its different when one of your family members has it; it becomes very personal. As he's already suffering living with diabetes and hypertension plus water in the lungs, the doctor said his recovery rate will be slower. Thankfully he doesn't smoke, that would just hamper him more. He got two weeks' worth of MC and when that ends, he will get another 2 months extension. It is a totally curable disease now, but he must take his meds religiously everyday. Its not so easy, as he needs to take it in front of a medical personnel every day for two weeks just so they can monitor if there are any signs of negative side effects.

So far, he has red pee (in this case, it's a good sign) and sensitivity towards sunlight. This affects the time I come to work, as my brother has to take his medicines at the clinic and I have to follow, because after that he will send me to work; the clinic only opens at 8 and my work hour starts at 8:30. I'm worried I might lose my job over this.

Anyway, when my dad and I started coughing, the panic came. We went for X-ray screenings and it turns out that we're clear. I even managed to get MC (a first since I started working a year ago) for a day and my cough cleared after a week. But dad is still coughing, so we're sending him for another screening next Monday. But..


Last year, my cousin/niece (long story short, both her parents are related to me)/bestfriend (we go to the same school) Lia gave me a call and finally said the words I longed to hear...
Cherane, will you be my flower girl?
I went "YESS!!!" and then "Wait, what?"

Yes, I've always wanted to be a flower girl but this came two decades too late. She clarified it with, "you're my bridesmaid la." Ahhh... that makes sense.

Wait, what?

You see, I'm vertically endowed compared to her. I'm 5'5", she's 4 something something. That would make a pretty awkward picture. Either that, or the photographer needs to do some really fancy manoeuvring to show that we are of equal height. But selfishly I said yes,
(She's my bestfriend/cousin/niece! How could I say no?)
and it turns out that I wasn't the only one who said yes. There would be seven of us (including the maid-of-honour) and it would be fine because all of us are not the same height.

Except for a small wardrobe malfunction during my last fitting, everything's going fine. If you remember the Wonder Girls' outfit in that "Nobody" music video, that's how the dress is going to be. A golden-form-fitting dress. (Ho boy!) I've started using contacts (I'm still scared putting them on and it's still VERY INCONVENIENT!), under orders from the bride. So all that's left is an eyebrow trim and white shoes (damn hard to find a size 10 in KK).

So what's the problem? The wedding date.

It would be on Valentine's day. Which is on a Monday, a working day. So, the problem is: the wedding or my father's screening?


In other news, my pet dog Fefanie has started menstruating. But that's not the kicker. The kicker is this: I HAVE A MEWING CLOSET!

A mommy cat came into my room, and turned my closet into the maternity ward. I just got up in the wee hours of the morning, when I heard a weird noise coming from the bottom of my closet. So I took the torchlight and went towards the direction of the noise when I got the shock of my life: a mommy cat with a kitten... halfway out her... you-know. (I still can't get over this fact!) In a panic, I asked my workmate Nurul about this (she had similar problem and is an expert in cat behaviour) and she said, "Just let them be... and DON'T LOOK AT THEM!"

She was pretty adamant about that, so I've never even peeked at how many kittens there are in the makeshift maternity ward. So far, I've heard four different mews (excluding the mommy cat's). And Nurul also said, this whole business will take about 2 weeks. I don't know what else to do except leave the closet door, the room door and the window open so the mommy cat can come in and out to do her business, and let the fresh air in.

That's my week so far. God, give me strength.

How has your week been? Let me know, let me know! :D

Special Mention.

Congratulations to Ganaesh!

He got his FIRST 'SERIOUS S*** REALLY?!' article published in PC.COM Malaysia, a pretty big tech magazine. I'm sooooooo proud of you, chayang! :) *kishy* So, faster go and buy! February 2011 issue, ya? ;)

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