Feb 15, 2012

We're One! Thank You!

Hi! How are you today? :3

I’ve been busy with my work lately and… other stuffs. *shave legs*

*cough* On to the post!

On the 31st of January, Munya Munya turned ONE! Yes, we are one year old already! Happy Birthday to us! ^_^

To celebrate, Ganaesh has changed how the blog looks! And it looks nyanderful! *applause to him*

While the blog was under construction, I was practicing on my tablet and putting up the drawings I made on the tablet on my Facebook page. The drawings look wonky! XD But I’ll get the hang of it someday.

YES! We have a Facebook page!

I promised a comic for the first 30 ‘likes’ on my FB page… and here it is!

Teehee! :D

I started blogging around ‘04. As many bloggers can tell you, starting a blog is easy, but maintaining it, giving it direction and purpose is a whole different matter. Making it interesting is another matter entirely. When I started blogging, I just wanted a place to talk about anything and everything happening to me, because at that time I was just this village girl from Sabah who found herself stuck studying in Shah Alam.

I wrote, yes, but I held back a lot of the things I really wanted to say. The only thing that held me back was the thought of people (readers who happen to stumble upon it) might get offended by my honest opinions. Even worse, if my friends found out I was talking about them. Who likes to be talked about behind their back, amirite? The safest bet was to just talk about myself; I could only offend myself that way. Sometimes those words are put in a poem or verses.

If I read now what I wrote then, I’d probably be cringing every few seconds. Besides the obvious grammatical mistakes, the naivety, angst, and emotional outbursts would keep jabbing me in the eyes.

If you’re wondering where the old posts are, I’ve already hidden them. *shove everything under bed*

It wasn’t all words though. Sometimes I did put in a few drawings and l337 photo manipulations… done with MSPaint. Some of them, I uploaded it to Cherane 7@9 (heheh). The rest have disappeared in the sea of Internets past.

Over time, became a burden of guilt. I felt guilty for ignoring it, but it felt like an obligation when I did update it. I was losing interest and patience. Templates for the blog available online also made me irritated; they weren’t what I was looking for. One day I felt I needed to start over somewhere new. Back then I didn’t know how to save a sinking ship, or in this case blog, and I felt it was easier to make a new blog.

For a time I was at Wordpress, but… I came back to this blog. Two reasons:
1) Ganaesh, and
2) I picked up drawing again.

I was making little doodles really, and looking for a style that is simple and easy to replicate. I was thinking: wouldn’t it be cute if our (Ganaesh and I) Facebook profile pics were hand drawn? My brother was willing to teach me the basics of colouring with Photoshop. One picture led to another, and I soon had a bunch of drawings with me. Where can you post up a bunch of digitally coloured drawings? Online.  Where exactly online? Why, a blog of course! Especially if said blog made you feel guilty for ignoring it all this time.

Ganaesh continued encouraging me to keep on drawing, and has helped me edit my blog posts (even to this day). One blog post after another, one illustration after another, one comic after another. And voila! A dead blog is reinvigorated! It actually has continuance, something in common: my drawings! From that point on, illustrations have become the focus of this blog.

A fresh start needed a fresh name. Oh god, a name. I am the worst person when it comes to choosing something. I take so long in deciding on anything. *sigh* So how did I settle on Munya Munya?

Ever since I came back to Sabah after my course ended, I reconnected not only with my drawings but also with my friends. My best friend, Edna, was one of them. She started using this one word (she said it sounded cute) and kept repeating it until it got stuck in my head. Even my brother uses it now and can’t stop, to the point that it became part of his Facebook profile. The word was –Munya. In Japanese, it just means a mumbling sound.

Munya Munya was just a placeholder until I could think of a better name. But language is a living breathing entity, and this phrase started developing a personality of its own. >.< Ganaesh calls it nyan-speak. It sounded so good that changing it now will make no sense at all. Thanks Edna for Munya Munya! XD

Through Ganaesh’s efforts in promoting the blog, people actually like it. Some have even become fans. New characters pop up and readers gave positive response to them, especially towards Bulu, the cat. If he was real I’d give him tones of catnip and fishies! XD

A year has passed since this blog came back from the dead, and today Munya Munya has a Facebook page, and even a Nokia app!

But the most important thing the blog has is love from the readers. I’m humbled by this. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for supporting Munya Munya! We love you! :D


Naoko said...

Nyananananan! Thanks so much for continuing this, and nya-fist! Also it looks like you guys are throwing poor Bulu around lol

Norazlin Nordin said...

ouh i do thought something when you open the jacket. ahakz.

Cutebun said...

nya~~~ so cute!
Cutebun blog
Cutebun FB page

Unknown said...

@naoko: XD We throw him up in the air, saying aaa--ooo!

@norazlin: XD It's a trick!

@sherrie: Thank you! XD

theeggyolks said...

grats!!!!!!! *Nyafist*


Oh!! my Monitor!!