Mar 22, 2011

Ross, The Rockstar!

After drawing the pictures for Munirah and seeing them posted on her Facebook profile, this is what happened.

Ross wanted one too.

I didn’t have any confidence because of the problems I encountered drawing Munirah and I was afraid that it would take much longer this time. As was the case with Munirah, I have never personally met Ross before. But I do know him from something he did for Rizal a.k.a Syaoran. Ross did a makeover for his blog. And I’ve read Ross’s Feline Channel posts. That was a long long time ago.

I told Ganaesh all my misgivings and he told me to at least give it a shot. I said okay, and started sketching. There was a picture in my head already, of him picking up a cat. After I sketched that I asked Ganaesh what he thinks.

"The smile needs to be wider. He has a wiiide mouth. :D"

I asked him: what does Ross do?

"Well, basically he is a rockstar coder and designer la."

I imagined a guy so terer, that he can code with his feet.

After all that I realized something: it’s not appropriate as a profile pic. I was horrified. But Ganaesh said they were fine and that Ross would love them especially the second picture.

He was right. :3

It was a pleasure drawing the both of them. It gave me challenges that I’d never could have imagined. And the greatest surprise was this:

Ross’s brother VECTORIZED the picture.


P.S:  It just occurred to me that I never use ‘Fird’. Isn’t that his name? Isn’t ‘Ross’ the surname? What?


Fird Ross said...

Both Fird and Ross are my first names. Feel free to call me any of them. I don't mind ;)

I mainly go by Ross because there's one hundred million Firdouss/Firdaus/Firdose/Firdouse out there that confuse crapload of people :D

Unknown said...

Ooooo~~ macam tu~

Ahmad Justin said...

Dude u need to tell her how to pronounce ur name heheehe :p

Ganaesh D. said...

Justin: They need to actually meet up first. :P