Nov 22, 2012

Rolling Around In Bed: Some Help Needed!

Sleep is a wonderful thing :3 It helps us recharge after a long busy day so we can become nyanderful and active again for the next day's battles.

Lack of sleep could lead to many health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Did you know lack of sleep could also interfere with your diet? Its true! It gets more difficult for you to lose weight if you don't have enough sleep.

In many cultures, there are many beliefs about sleep and dreaming. There are gods for it like Morpheus, mythical creatures like the Sandman, or pop culture monsters like Freddy Krueger. Some believe that if you die in your sleep, you die in real life. Or if you dream about losing a tooth, somebody will die in real life. Of course there are, supposedly, ways to prevent bad dreams. Washing your feet before going to sleep, for example. Or turning your pillow over after waking up from a bad dream to prevent yourself from dreaming about it again.

I remember my first nightmare; I was still in kindergarten at the time. I dreamt about my teachers and giant monster snails with sharp teeth and I couldn't outrun them. Xo It was so scary for me that i was afraid to go to sleep again! But I was a wee little lass back then, so of course I couldn't fight sleep for long.

Nowadays, my sleep is interrupted with a ticklish sensation on my legs. I think it's a condition called Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). I feel like I need to walk it off or run just to get rid of the feeling! (Hey, this sounds familiar... -Ed.)

So far I don't snore when I sleep, but I can't be sure. XD No-one has complained about it since I was living in the hostel during my UiTM days, so I'm assuming I don't snore.

But i do drool. >///< So embarrassing!

I cannot lose sleep like I was in my university days anymore, lest I end up being a snarky, grumpy, cranky grouch for the rest of the day.:P So that's what today's...comic? Artwork? Maybe it's a bit of both? *scratch head*

...anyway, as I was saying, this is what today's munya-ness is about: how to sleep. I hope you like it. I drew this a few months ago, but I never could finish it because... because... I ran out of ideas! XO

If you have any ideas for step 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, do let me know and I'll definitely draw it! With your ideas and my munya-ness, we can make magic! Nyahahahaha!!!! XD

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Naoko said...

Psst: I have had friends who say that the best way to combat restless leg is by eating a banana every day.