May 16, 2012

Little Cherane Goes Swimming!

A while back, I did a series of comics based around the idea of swimming. In it was a three-part about the (mis)adventures of a little munchkin named Little Cherane who only wanted one thing: to swim.

I uploaded the series on my Facebook page. You can browse the entire series here. One of Little Cherane's stories was too long for Facebook, so they resized it. *shakes fist at Facebook*

Geminianeyes wanted to read Little Cherane's stories at a more eye-friendly size (frankly, so did I), so I thought I'd post them here, for EVERYNYAN to see!
I wonder who Little Cherane is based on... *whistles*

You're welcome to share these comics, but please share them in their entirety, meaning with the logo, URL and credits intact.

I hope you like these comics, because more are on their way! :3


Aujinz said...

i wonder, who's that Little Cherane .. *whistles* XD

Cherane said...

Hahaha! XD

thekidthatloveviolence said...